Acro Stilts

A workshop that can vary in length and ability. From beginners who have never walked on stilts to the advance stilter wanting to develop their form and learn an advanced stilting technique. Covering the basics of walking, exploring floor work (inversions), descents and partner lifts, choreographed dance sequences and improvised scores through dance and acro stilts.

Aerial – Stilts

An extension to acro stilts, combining it with aerial circus. An  opportunity to learn the artform unique to Helen Goodrum. Discover through taught technique and improvisation how stilts and aerial can be combined.


A fusion of genres and styles including Contemporary (Release, Graham, Limon and Cunningham), Modern, Jazz and Ballet. Classes are fun, stimulating and challenge the individual, perfect for fitness, improving all performance disciplines (aerialist, dancers, climbers, actors, skaters), stage presence, strength and posture, and extending movement vocabulary.

Rolf Movement ®

Bringing awareness of coordination and perception of the client through movement.

Creative Development

A workshop for professionals who need guidance and stimulation in developing their act through dance and movement. Creative development caters for the individual or group with the aim of furthering the artist potential as a performer.