18136898_10155294438458970_1386570644_nHelen Goodrum is a certified Rolfer™ and certified Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, completing her studies at both the Boulder Rolf Institute® and the Sao Paulo Associacao Brasileira de Rolfing in 2017. Her own journey as a dancer and theater performer enriches her embodied practice which she shares with her clients. 

“You can’t get beyond the body unless you free the body itself.” Ida Rolf
“Rolfing® Structural Integration is a body working technique that helps to improve posture and quality of movement through manipulation of fascia and movement education of perception and coordination” (Monica Caspari). Conducted through a series of 10 to 15 individual sessions or group movement sessions, Rolfing® address the body as a whole to bring the client to a more conscious and efficient body awareness and movement.
“The body says what words cannot”, Martha Graham.


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