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What is Rolfing®? 
“Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) is a bodywork technique that improves a clients posture & quality of movement through manipulation of fascia (connective tissue) & movement education of perception & coordination” (Monica Caspari). Conducted through a series of 10 to 15 individual bodywork sessions & group movement sessions, Rolfing® addresses the body as an integral whole bringing the client greater efficiency, consciousness & awareness in movement. The founder of Rolfing®, Dr. Ida Rolf recognized the body as an inherent system of interconnected tissue networks, linking muscles, bones, nerves & organs. Rolfing® SI works with this interconnected organic system to release, realign & balance the body as a whole, enabling clients to regain their integral form, increasing efficiency & freedom of movement.
What are the benefits of Rolfing®?
  • Increase in ease of movement & flexibility
  • Reduce levels of stress and tension
  • Enhance athletic/physical performance
  • Restore physical & psychological balance
  • Pain resolution
  • Understanding of injury
  • Improve body awareness
  • A more efficient body alignment
Want to know more about Rolfing® and if it a good choice for you? 
About the Rolfer™
Helen Goodrum is a certified Rolfer™ & Rolf Movement® Practitioner, completing her studies at both the Boulder Rolf Institute® & Sao Paulo Associacao Brasileira de Rolfing. Her own journey as a dancer & theater performer enriches her embodiment practice. Helen graduated with a Dance Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from Roehampton University London, UK & is a leading artist in the field of acrobatic stilts, contributing to its growth & forging innovative development through her teachings & performances with The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater Company, USA. Helen’s ongoing research of the human body, movement education, perception & coordination are supported by her certifications in dance movement, Structural Integration & Reiki Master. She finds additional inspiration in the work of the Axis Syllabus International Research Community & Contact Improvisation dance.
Rolfing® The Basic Ten Series
The recipe of Rolf SI consists of 10 sessions separated into three cycles;
Cycle 1 – Sleeve (session 1-3): Superficial connective tissue, preparing the body
Cycle 2 – Core (session 4-7): Addressing deep connective fascia
Cycle 3 – Integration (session 8 -10): Dedicated to bringing the body into wholism
The strategy of the ten series is to work with each sections of the body to restore their relation to one other.
What is Rolf Movement®?
Rolf Movement® focuses on a sensory-motor approach to movement education. The practitioner helps the client to become aware of their current perceptual & movement responses through exercises & hands on manipulation. Rolf Movement® allows the client to find a pathway to integrate the structural work of Rolfing® into their everyday movement & daily lives. This can be done in stand alone sessions but is best supported by the 10 series.
What to expect in each session?
SESSION ONE: Theme – Inspiration: freeing the breath to inhale oxygen. Our breath affects the amount of energy we have, the ways we use energy, and our general sense of aliveness. We work with the respiratory diaphragm and thoracic cage to influence breathing patterns.
SESSION TWO: Theme – Legs and Feet. We work to gain more stability of the whole system by encouraging a clearer relationship with earth (grounding) & greater proprioception with the placement of the lower extremities, particularly when walking.
SESSION THREE: Theme – Giving & Receiving. Integrating the upper & lower extremities encourages ‘reaching out’; making contact, giving & receiving. The session focuses on the side-line. Clients usually experience a shifted sense of front & back, & greater wholeness.
SESSION FOUR: Theme – Pelvic Floor. Session four begins the core cycle. By addressing the integrity of the pelvic floor & inner line of the body we create freedom of the thigh from the pelvis, balance the pelvic floor, & the arches of the feet, ankles & knees.
SESSION FIVE: Theme – Lumbar Spine. By encouraging length in the lumbar spine we increase efficiency of the psoas muscle. There is focus on the rectus abdominals muscle, which connects the thoracic cavity via abdomen to the pelvis.
SESSION SIX: Theme – Sacrum. Lying in the prone position on the table (facing belly down) we generate access to complete leg & pelvic work. By freeing & reorganizing the sacrum we create a sense of balance & space, resulting in an ability to breathe through the spine to increase undulation.
SESSION SEVEN: Theme Fascia of the Neck. By opening the connective tissue around the skull & face mobility of the head is increased to improve breathing. The nasal passage is opened, including the intra-oral & intra-nasal fascias. Session seven brings the core cycle to a close.
SESSION EIGHT/NINE: Theme Shoulder & Pelvis girdles. The Integration Cycle begins. Sessions eight & nine are linked together. Which girdle is addressed first depends on the body of the client. Each girdle is addressed by releasing their rotations & integrating movement between the core & sleeve.
SESSION TEN: Theme Full Integration. The last session prepares the client for assimilation, manifestation & closure. Integrity is simply the experience of being in touch with yourself, the experience of moving as a whole entire fluid body in every activity of your life – walking, working & relating to others.
 How long are sessions?
Sessions are 75 minutes & typically scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart. Clients who have already received a 10 series may seek tune-ups anywhere from once a month to yearly.
What to wear?
Rolfing® addresses the body as a whole, thus it is not a Rolfing® practice to be covered with a sheet. For this reason we ask our clients to dress in a way that allows them to feel comfortable, safe & relaxed. Our ‘Rolfing® uniform’ is underwear/bikini/shorts which allow the practitioner not to be restricted by extra fabric. We ask women to wear a bra without thick sport straps or backs.

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“You can’t get beyond the body unless you free the body itself.” Ida Rolf
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