Trained as a competitive gymnast, trampolinist and dancer, Helen has been performing from a young age, competing in National competitions and entertaining audiences on theatre stages in the North of England.

Having trained in Ballet, Point, Tap, Musical Theatre and Modern, exposure to Contemporary Dance gave Helen a new genre to explore, allowing the integration of her acrobatic background. Her theoretic interest in dance led her to London to pursue a Dance Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree at Roehampton University where she extended her specialized knowledge and had the opportunity to learn from leading practitioners.

In moving to Canada, Helen collaborated with Crimson Coast Dance Society (Canada), Flam Chen (USA) and The Chimera Project (Canada). Here she was introduced to Physical Theatre and Circus Arts through the role of dancer and production assistant.

On her return to England, Helen began to explore the integration of circus and dance performance; leading to the development of her skills as a dancer, stilter, acrobat and aerialist. Her creative development in stilt acrobatics has been recognized and funded by the UK Arts Council.

Helen teaches at circus, dance and educational establishments internationally; is a creative developer for professional artists and performs as an international freelance performer and choreographer collaborating with performance companies/agencies. She developed her dance/circus teachings and skills at Greentop Circus and is a fore-runner of acrobatic stilts world-wide.

Her acrobatic stilt work has taken her as a performer and teacher across the globe, working with Brightnight International (Scotland), Paper Doll Militia (USA), Nemcatacoa Teatro (Colombia), Circus Stella (Canada), Odin Teatret (Denmark), LUXe Theater (Ireland), Teatro Taller (Colombia), Pura Vibra (Mexico), Guadalupe Dance Company (USA) and Teatro Isola di Confine (Italy), Hull Carnival Arts (England). 

Helen has performed at many festivals and has vast experience touring, such events include Ibero-Americano (Colombia), Santa Lucia (Mexico), Burningman (USA), Chinese New Year (Hong Kong), The Bicultural Road Show (USA).

An active core member of The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater, Helen is a leading artist in the field of acrobatic stilts contributing to its growth and forging innovative development through her teaching, training, collaboration and performance. Helen is an actor, teacher and marketing director in the company, having lead roles in their productions and continues to push the stilting vocabulary to new levels to which Carpetbag Brigade is distinctly known for. Helen is also a key component in the organization and teaching of the Global Stilt Congress, an international annual stilting event hosted by The Carpetbag Brigade.

Helen has been an artist in residence at the Penasco Theater with Wise Fool Theater and has volunteered at Earthdance where she was the Development Assistant at the dance studios.

Helen has been awarded the AIDF Arts Council Grant to advance the stilting vocabulary; a collaboration with Montreal dancer Kelly Keenan, working with Acrobatic Stilts and the Axis Syllabus.