The Year of the Snake

Fresh back from Hong Kong having performed at the International Chinese Lunar New Year Night Parade 2013.

Representing ireland as an acrobatics stilt performer, together with theater company LUXe, we performed for over 1.3 billion viewers.

The night parade is one of the best-loved events of the entire New Year’s  celebrations, as Hong Kong puts on a show famous across the globe.  The 18th  parade will be held on 10 February 2013. The Cathay Pacific International  Chinese New Year Night Parade which includes a stunning array of brightly  coloured floats and performing artists follows a route that snakes around Tsim  Sha Tsui, transforming the harbour-front area into a giant street party venue.  The street party will start from 6pm along the parade route. Roving performers  and interactive games will add fun and enhance the festivities prior to the  start of the parade. At this huge party, experience the magical moments of the  first Mega Event of 2013, proudly brought to you by the Hong Kong Tourism  Board


This was my first engagment with LUXe who are an award winning processional spectacle company with a  passion is to bring their unique decorative style of sensory, multi layered spectacle to communities throughout Ireland and internationally. They use their making skills to create beautifully detailed and decorative costume, images and illuminated mechanical and inflatable sculpture they engage with a variety of performers, dancers and musicians to create unique spectacle that can be shaped to and presented in any environment.


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