STILTASANA – workshop in Italy

Hosted by Teatro Isola di Confine
“Stiltasana” is a means of introducing the vocabulary of acrobatic stilts used and practiced by The Carpetbag Brigade in their performance work. The “Stiltasana” workshop prepares experienced stilters, actors and dancers by dynamically integrating principles of Ashtanga Yoga, Butoh Dance, and Contact Improvisation into a physical theater practice with stilts. We will rise and fall with grace from sky to earth practicing stilt inversions, oppositional still points, fluid descents, ground movement, partner lifts, and alignment in motion. The practice will begin with technique and move towards improvisation and composition. The three day intensive workshop will have two 3+ hour sessions each day plus evening video presentations on monday and tuesday.
Teatro Isole de Confina is in San Venanzo, Italy and is directed by Valerio Apice and Giulia Castellani and is a theater dedicated to research and practice as well as production.
Lodging is available for visiting students and costs:
22 euro per day (breakfast included) for a triple room
25 Euro per day (breakfast included) for a double room
28 Euro per day (breakfast included) for a single room
The cost of the workshop is:
105 Euro with reservation by September 7
120 Euro September 8
* Please reserve a space with a 50 Euro deposit. Participants are encouraged to arrive on the night of September 9th. Activities end at 6 pm on September 12th and participants are welcome to stay until the 13th.

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