Press Release

Press Release – For immediate release – June 11th2012

For the first time two pioneers of acrobatic stilts will be in the UK and available for never seen before skills and performances.
Helen Goodrum will be staying in the UK during the summer months of June – September 2012 and will be available for work during this time, along with fellow stilting extraordinaire Jay Ruby of Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater.
Due to US visa delays the decision has been made to stay in Sheffield where Helen will be training and rehearsing with director of The Carpetbag Brigade. Together they will be creating new acrobatic stilt material to be presented at the Oden Teatet, Denmark.
These works will be available here in Sheffield/UK to be presented. Each performance offers more than the traditional stilt act…
Experienced and talented entertainers, trained in San Francisco California blend circus, dance and theatre in a unique and breathtaking show.
The only pioneering acrobatic-stilts duo available in the UK.
Taking stilts to a new level, these avant-garde stilting extraordinaires amaze audiences with acrobatic tumbles and mesmerizing dances on stilts in a poetic theatre performance. Pushing movement boundaries through daring partner lifts and solo descents, creating grace and fluidity, showcasing dynamics rarely witnessed on stilts.
Combining traditional stilts with acrobatics, dance and theatre. Give your event guests something special to remember. Fabulous for both inside and outside events, as a stage act or as an alternative more interactive theatrical, site specific walkabout.
BEYOND AND FROM ABOVE – Solo Acrobatic Stilt Act 
Igniting the audience’s gaze and packed full of innovative surprises, this solo acrobatic stilt performance glides across the stage with intricate dance sequences and acrobatic stunts. The raw power and presence is sure to transform whatever site-flexible spot your venue has to offer.                                                                                                                            
ZEPHYRS– Duet Acrobatics Stilts Act (Availability July 25th– September 17th)
Defying traditional stiltwalking sensibilities this sparkling duet effortlessly rises and falls with audacious lifts, rolls and balances, spiralling through space with unity and poise. With a combination of stilt acrobatics and dance in a drama-based spectacle this duet is a headliner act pushing the boundaries of the nascent acro-stilt phenomenon.
URBAN HELIX- Walkabout Acrobatic Stilts
A theatrical intervention in which acrobatic stilters freely improvise and animate the ambient architecture and spirit of place. Imagine elegant figures engaging your clients/spectators in a slow motion parkour gracefully hovering a few feet off the ground and excavating the aesthetic possibilities of your venue. Flying with extreme finesse in graceful partner lifts and balances and interacting with audience and environment, this site-flexible stilt walkabout is suitable for all occasions. Recommended as a duet.
Tel: 07928374611