Replacing the mat!

I am getting the forward walkover fairly consistantly 🙂 This is a move I have never seen done before and was unsure if it was even possible…I have proven it is – watch – Forward Walkover on stilts.

Pending a visa to work with leading acrobatic stilt company The Carpetbag Brigade, I will get the opportunity to develop such moves and technique further. I am so  excited to be able to bring our techniques together to create phyiscal theatre of a new age. To finally unite UK and USA stilting to move the genre to a higher professional level.

I want to find a solid base with The Carpetbag Brigade, who will replace the mat in my forward walkover. This presents a challenge in an already difficult move, but will be a new direction to the stilt vocabulary. Having advice and support from other professional stilters will allow this move to develop and succeed. Not having anyone to safely assess and support here in England has not allowed the development of such moves.