Whatever Next

I am swimming in the vast ocean…

In the last week we have traveled from Santa Marta, to Bogota, to Manizales where we performed ‘Callings’ for the final time and everyone has now disbursed in their own directions.

My time here in Colombia is coming to a close, with my final days decompressing and processing my experiences while relaxing by a lake close to Medellin.

I have enjoyed my time in Colombia; having the opportunity to travel around an amazing country and perform at the same time has been an inspirational experience. Spending time as local, not being treated as a tourist, sharing our theatre.

Through the cross-cultural collaboration, rehearsals and performances, I have advanced my potential as a performer, reaching a standard far beyond I ever expect as a result of new training techniques; I have experienced two cultures (North American and Colombian) which have awakened me to other people and my own culture; I have established a long-term relationship with international artists and companies and I have shared my experiences, culture and skills with other communities/countries/cultures.

I am now feeling the post tour emotions of being lost, not having a schedule of performing ahead of me until training begins in October.

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